We here at Concrete Cabaret are always looking for a way to foster the work of materials performers, while also encouraging cross-collaboration within the community and creating an accessible entry point for artists new to puppetry and performing object work . We have developed a flexible process we call "exquisite collaboration" which structures the creative process (through a number of different phases) between anonymous creators - all to be revealed at the end stages. 

This page explicates the creative process and archives a few examples of our first ever Exquisite Collaboration in June 2020.

CC #6 Exquisite Collaboration June 27th 2020

PHASE 1/FIRST ARTIST) Show premise - one to two sentences creating an inspirational launching point for a short puppet show.

PHASE 2/SECOND ARTIST) Show script - a 1-2 page "script" wherein the setting, characters and plot/dialogue is communicated through storyboard, scenario or script (limit 1 page).


PHASE 3/THIRD ARTIST) Puppet/Object Design - create a drawn design of the character(s) and scene in the script


PHASE 4/FOURTH ARTIST) Create and perform your show! Create the puppets and perform the show from the materials you've received. Feel free to get creative here - we love janky! The performance should be recorded (ideally on a phone) in one-take (i.e. no editing or sound effects offscreen) or performed live during the show!

Socially Distant Lemonade Stand

Phase 1: R. Reid

The Story Idea

“Social distancing lemonade stand”

Phase 2: Bekky O'Neill

The Script/Storyboard

Click the icon to view the script

Phase 3: Mirka Loiselle

Visual Inspiration

Phase 4: Sarah Tracy

The Show!

Opera Dogs

Phase 1: Bekky O'Neill

The Story Idea

“I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.” – Igor Stravinsky

Two huskies, with dreams of becoming opera singers, take off for the big city.

Phase 2: R. Reid

The Script/Storyboard

Click the icon to view the script

Phase 3: Monica Emme

Visual Inspiration

Phase 4: Alexander Winfield

The Show!

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