Concrete Cabaret #11
The Endless Adventures of Pandemic Potato Online:

an Exquisite Collaboration for the Ages

Online Cabaret March 24th


Due January 30th

Gentlepersons, after our wildly successful OBJECTO Festival in November, we invite you to apply to our first event of 2022. Concrete Cabaret #11 - The Endless Adventures of Pandemic Potato: An Exquisite Collaboration for the ages.

We are so excited to bring back our old friend, Pandemic Potato! Check out our very first exquisite film from 2020 here:

"Exquisite Collaboration" is a flexible creation process structured through a number of different phases between anonymous creators. This will be our third EC and we have found the process a great way to foster the work of materials performers, while also encouraging cross-collaboration within the community. We listened to your feedback and are excited to try a new single-narrative approach to the process for our 11th show! No need to have any prepared material or ideas, you simply need to watch, create, and record!

Time commitment: create a 1-3 minute short film in one week between February 7th and March 21st.  Applications due January 30th.

PHASE 1.Three artists called "Phase 1 collaborators" each create their own 1-3 minute film from a title prompt.

PHASE 2. Three artists called "Phase 2 collaborators" create a 1-3 minute film as a continuation from the first collaborator of their group.

PHASE 3. Three artists called "Phase 3 collaborators" create a 1-3 minute film as a continuation from the PHASE 2 film. NB: To stay in the spirit of Exquisite Corpse, Phase 3 collaborators will not be able to view Phase 1 films.

PHASE 4. Three artists called "Phase 4 collaborators" create a 1-3 minute film, only having viewed Phase 3 films as inspiration.

PHASE 5. Three artists called "Phase 5 collaborators" create a 1-3 minute film, only having viewed Phase 4 films as inspiration.

Final PHASE. Films Complete! Three films with five participants each will premier online as our Concrete Cabaret #11!

Participating artists are offered at $50 honorarium.
The show will premiere online on March 24th.

What we’re looking for (when there isn't a pandemic happening):

If you are a creator/performer/artist working in the medium of puppetry and performing objects—someone who does things with stuff on stage—and are looking for a place to informally present your works-in-progress or experimental projects in Toronto, consider applying to one of our seasonal cabarets. Online or in person, we aim to showcase experimental puppetry and performing objects in a radically inclusive environment!


We prioritize performances and acts that challenge theatrical norms and our understanding of objects and inanimacy, as well as projects and people telling stories pertinent to, and underrepresented in, today’s political and social climate. Low-tech and short-form pieces fit our cabaret best—performances ranging from 5-15 minutes with minimal setup and tech are preferred. All performers are paid out of ticket sales and provided with a free meal before or during the performance. We look forward to hearing from you!


If you’d like to be part of our fabulous volunteer team to help on the night of the show, please let us know!

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